Horn Barbecue is an authentic Texas inspired barbecue Pop-up located in Northern California’s Bay Area. Led by Chef/ Pitmaster Matt Horn. We specialize in pit-smoked meats with an emphasis on southern flavors.




Lead Staff

Matt Horn
Executive Chef/ PitMaster

Nina Horn
General Manager

Cambrea Horn
Catering Manager



authentic barbecue created with passion.


Let me make this very clear, I never set out to cook Barbecue. Growing up around it, I was perfectly happy eating Barbecue occasionally on weekends. After confidently grilling a bad batch of spare ribs for my girlfriend at the time, to which she was not pleased, I decided I would never cook bad cue again. It was that commitment to excellence that I began my process of becoming a devout student of the craft, obsessing and even dreaming about the next cook. I have never been consumed by anything the way I am with barbecue, and every-time I cook, it is the reflection of an internal fire that continues to grow.

- Matt Horn

Like all real Pitmasters, Matt Horn got his start in the backyard—his grandmother's backyard. Having developed and refined his meat-smoking techniques in the Central Texas style, Horn took his barbecue to the local farmer's market for a test run and later worked a few festivals. But being a true barbecue afionado, he wanted commune with other like-minded obsessives, and thus the underground pop-up Horn Barbecue came to be. 



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